Boards & Committees

Elected Boards:

President: Peter Hamlyn
Vice President: Thom Cahoon
Secretary: Carole Brocher
Asst. Secretary:
Treasurer: Deborah Beal
Sergeant at Arms: Dale Nason

Board of Directors:

Linda Smilie  Chair
Art Rocray  Co-Chair
Rick Barnaby
Sharion Morin
Bob Baker
Anita Bergeron
Gary Cochran
Gordon Littlefield
Yvan Landry

Volunteer Committees:

Activities Committee – Chair is Kim Hamlyn, Co-Chair is Kevin Wrigley

Veteran’s Outreach Committee – Chairperson: Amy Giovannani

Grievance committee

Flag Folding

Want to join a committee? Contact anyone on either of the Elected Boards or attend our meetings for more information!